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Thérèse Gallant, M.Ed, CCC Professional Counselling Service

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For confidential, professional, and bilingual counselling.

My services are covered by most health insurance companies and many Employee Assistance Programs

Thérèse Gallant, M.Ed, LCT, CCC Professional Counselling Service

Specializing In The Following Three Areas





I offer counselling for adults, adolescents and children to cope with life stresses, challenges and transitions. Life can be difficult to navigate. Sometimes we have many challenging issues to deal with all at once. It helps to have a neutral compassionate person to talk to, to assist in making sense of where we are and where we would like to go. Sometimes we don’t know why we don’t feel well. I can help to determine what isn’t working in your life and assist in creating a plan to make positive changes.

In counselling there are many tools that can be learned to improve a situation or the way that we feel. There are strategies that can be used to shift thinking, which in turn shifts feelings. It can be difficult to see new perspectives when we are caught up in a situation. As a trained and experienced counsellor, knowing the questions to ask, I can assist in looking at the bigger picture.

I work in the management of stress, anxiety and depression in a holistic manner. I ask questions that help to identify areas to explore and I refer to other professionals that I trust when other services would be helpful. I believe in attending to the many layers of our humanity: body, mind and spirit. In all counselling I see my job as one to help my clients to achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

I also work with adult survivors from homes where a parent abused alcohol. Healing past trauma is a process. I use strategies from many modalities to suit the person in front of me and the place that they are on their journey.





Couples usually come for counselling when there is distance and resentment between them. I can help to restore harmony by identifying the causes of disagreements, helping couples to understand their differences and how to negotiate what they need from each other. Many issues can be resolved knowing and using appropriate communication techniques. Learning what triggers us can be a helpful tool to hearing what the other person actually is saying. Having a neutral person keep the discussion on track can make all the difference in resolving issues. In therapy with couples I teach new techniques, we practice them in session and I coach as we go along. I also make suggestions about structuring life to improve, enhance and maintain the couple relationship.

As in all counselling that I do, I work on the areas and issues that the couple defines as being important for them. Counselling can help to move beyond previous hurts and unhelpful patterns to functioning in a loving and caring way.





In family counselling with children under 16 years old, I usually meet with parents first to get the overall picture of their concerns and to make a therapeutic plan. I then could meet with a child individually or a child with a parent (or two) or with the whole family. Often parents bring their children to see me to ensure that they are coping well with a major transition in their life or to give their children tools to help them to cope better. Many parents are bringing children who are anxious or having difficulties with emotional regulation .At times I refer to a psychologist to have children’s psycho – educational needs evaluated in depth.

Another area that I work with is coaching parents on how to respond to behaviors of their children or teens. Sometimes simple solutions can change the dynamics in a household dramatically. I help parents acquire new skills in parenting, new communication techniques and strategies to deal with day to day challenges. There are many parenting techniques that support our children that we just do not learn at school. My goal is to help families to improve the relationships within the family and to support families to support children to be the best they can be. I use a practical, solutions focused approach. When needed, I also provide linkages to community resources that are unknown to many people.

I have worked with many families who are experiencing separation or divorce and blended families. There are ways to move through this difficult transition with the least amount of suffering. I am honored to assist in this process.

Please contact me for more information

For confidential, professional, and bilingual counselling

My services are covered by most health insurance companies and many Employee Assistance Programs